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GrantHeaslip 2010-03-15 10:12 PM

How do I make attachment boxes not look so awkward?
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Take a look at this screenshot:


Don't the attachment boxes just look [I]wrong[/I]? Neither the text nor the preview icon are properly centred, and the boxes generally seem a tad too big. For such an otherwise meticulously designed application, this awkwardness is a bit bizarre. Does anyone know how to make attachment boxes look nicer (besides just using the default Helvetica 12 font)? I've fiddled around a bit but there doesn't seem to be any obvious way to style them.

I realize the inherent nitpickiness in this issue, but hey, we're on an internet forum discussing an outlining application, cut me some slack :).

P.S. 3rd year political philosophy: it sounds like a fun class until you have to write an essay on actuality and rationality.

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