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Sync100 2013-03-21 06:24 AM

Pdf files
I mainly use OmniGraffle to annotate plots made with other programs (e.g., IDL) or to create figures that combine plots and images made elsewhere. I'm generally very pleased with what I can do with OmniGraffle, but it would be fantastic if OmniGraffle could parse PDF files so that the individual elements (e[URL=""][COLOR="Black"].[/COLOR][/URL]g., plot labels, line styles, etc) could be edited with OmniGraffle. Since Quartz can parse PDF, perhaps this wouldn't be such a tall order?

I've seen, but not tried, the website that will transform EPS to OmniGraffle[URL=""][COLOR="Black"].[/COLOR][/URL] And I know that I can edit PDF with Illustrator. But Illustrator is really overkill for my needs, and OmniGraffle is such an elegant program to work with.

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