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jjlucsy 2010-03-22 07:09 PM

More information
I'm wondering if I could get more information on how exactly the Bonjour syncing works. My current situation is that I'm a Win 7 laptop user with no Mac. I use my laptop both at work and at home and have a different IP address for both.

I have a small application providing WebDAV locally, but I'd like to be able to advertise its address thru Bonjour. I've done enough research to determine that OmniFocus uses _ofocus-conf._tcp and _ofocus-sync._tcp, but it seems it requires a TXT record to go along with the sync part.

I had put a request into the support ninjas, but got the run-around without technical details.


Brian 2010-03-22 07:17 PM

Happy to help, but when I discussed the support ticket with the engineering team last week, their recommendation was to use the laptop's Bonjour name in the URL you enter into the WebDAV sync interface. That way the existing WebDAV sync code does all the heavy lifting without any need to reinvent the wheel on the Windows side.

Is that approach not feasible for some reason? I'm happy to take the info back to them, but more details will help me explain the situation.

jjlucsy 2010-03-23 09:04 AM

[QUOTE=Brian;74946]Is that approach not feasible for some reason?[/QUOTE]
Heh, ok, my fault then. I just tried it and it worked. I thought I had tried it before, but I must have done something wrong. Thanks.

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