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benedikt 2008-10-13 02:56 AM

text background and omnioutliner import
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hello all,

i imported recently an outline from omnioutliner ... my problem is now that i'm not able to reformat the text background of the labels.

actually i could find the right menu for formating textbackground at all :)

you can see in the screenshot some labels with green and cyan backgrounds ... i'd like to have that ones in an other color ...

ps. i'm using omnigraffle (5.0.2 pro)

NickM 2009-03-16 03:07 PM

Huh. I'm seeing the exact same thing with some nodes imported from OmniOutliner. Everything I've tried to do to remove the text formatting has failed, including copying and pasting the styles and font styles from a "good" node.

Joel 2009-03-16 03:14 PM

Well, huh. First I've seen this occur, however I suspect it's been this way for a long time. You can easily get rid of the color by double-clicking into the text, select all, and in the ruler accessory view choose "Default" from the Styles pull down menu.

fritsl 2012-02-06 12:55 PM

it's 2012, no more "ruler accessory view", but same problem
I started my ventures with OmniGraffle this year, 2012, with version 5.

And the problem is still here! I paste text from the web, and stupid text formatting is almost impossible to get rid of, background color still there when it should nto be!

And as far as I can tell there is no "ruler accessory view" in version 5.

How about fixing this problem all together? Omni Group, are you reading this, are you even aware that this has been a problem with your SW for at least 4-5 years?

Update: I cannot get file attachment to work here either, and there's missing icons in the pop up window.. this starts to smell like neglect!

whpalmer4 2012-02-06 01:35 PM

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Bring up the ruler with command-R (View->Rulers), use the styling tools in the ruler. If that doesn't do the trick, perhaps you could give a concrete example of some text to copy from the web with formatting that cannot be removed?

I attach files to postings here quite regularly. Those missing icons in the Attachment Key (as seen in the screen capture attached to this post) don't have any functional impact...

fritsl 2012-02-06 01:56 PM

Will the image be atached?
Here is an attempt to post an image that is a dump from a situation with formatted text that will not stop having a blue background - because it's pasted off the web (which is a natural thing to do when working with the web :)

Well, I can see that the "Manage Attachments" button / function does not work. Maybe it's because the forum does not work with Chrome..?

fritsl 2012-02-06 01:58 PM

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Trying from Safari..

OMG, there's an "Upload" button there, outside of the window, have to scroll..

fritsl 2012-02-06 02:04 PM

OK, Here is the problem
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This is the problem showed in OmniGraffle: The box shown has text that (apparently) cannot be formatted to "neutral". And possibly most irritating: If the text is deleted, and other text inserted (with no formatting) the formatting is remembered. So I only see the option of deleting the object, once infected.

Even if you copy absolutely everything from one of the stencils etc, the stupid blue text background is just there.. Or am I really daft? I'll eat it if I am, but it appears to be a 5 year old bug that many people have complained about, many times!

RobTrew 2012-02-06 03:59 PM

This has been causing unremedied grief [URL=""]for quite some time[/URL].

The only thing for it is an email through [B]Help > Send Feedback ...[/B] and a good dose of pious optimism :-)

fritsl 2012-02-07 12:20 AM

[QUOTE=RobTrew;107097]This has been causing unremedied grief [URL=""]for quite some time[/URL].

The only thing for it is an email through [B]Help > Send Feedback ...[/B] and a good dose of pious optimism :-)[/QUOTE]
So, Omni Group are not following the "support" forum, when something like this can go on for so many years?!?

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