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pierog 2010-07-14 11:58 AM

Styling Rows vs. Columns
Quick question. I am trying to add an additional column to an outline with multiple rows with 3 paragraphs, each paragraph with a different background color. For clarification, when I add a column to my existing outline, I have two columns.

When I do that, the new column adopts the background color schemes and formatting of column #1 and I do not seem to be able to style that column independently. When I choose a background color for column #2, i.e., for the new column, only certain rows change color while others maintain the formatting from column#1. I can't quite figure out the pattern

1. What am I be doing wrong?
2. Is there a way to create independent column styles quickly? Looking at the Omni Sample Docs, one can have columns with independent background color, yet not independent text formatting.
I am sure I am ignoring some hierarchy.

Thank you

DerekM 2010-07-15 10:03 AM

Row style will override column style so you need to apply your background colors in column 1 to just the text, not the row. This is difficult to do if you're styling the all the text in the cell unless you have already added the 2nd column and text into the column.

If you select some text, or a row/column/etc, and look at the Style Attributes inspector, it will show you what and where styles are being applied that pertain to your selection. That will help you figure out what's going on.

Let me know if you need more help with this!

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