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vsuri 2011-09-18 04:13 PM

Due Date as weekday name rather than date

Searched the forums but havent found anything. I 've setup my "Due Soon" time as 1 week in OF Preferences. In the "Due" view, all due dates (except today and tomorrow) show up as actual calendar dates (for eg, 9/22/11).

I 'm trying to see if there's a way to display the due date as a day (eg Wednesday, etc) rather than the actual date - just better readability I guess.

Any clues are welcome.


Brian 2011-09-19 05:48 PM

Welcome to the forums!

I know there are a number of hidden settings that control the presentation of dates; I cannot recall if one of them does what you're looking for here. If you email our [EMAIL=""]support ninjas[/EMAIL], they'll be able to get you the info, though...

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