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tomtalk 2014-01-05 05:47 AM

Moving the sync server to a new mac
I have OF 1.10.6 on an MBP (10.6.8) and have loaded up OF onto my new imac (10.9) and am now syncing between these two and the iphone just fine. In fact it is quite sweet seeing the sync work between the three.

However, I wish to decommission the MPB and want to sync between the imac and the iphone only.

How do I get this done?


Ken Case 2014-01-05 07:12 AM

The process for migrating to a new self-hosted server is similar to the process of [URL=""]migrating your OmniFocus data to the Omni Sync Server[/URL] (described in the linked support article):
[LIST=1][*]Sync all your devices[*]Sync one device to your new server[*]Sync your other devices[/LIST]
The difference is that you'll sync to your own server in steps 2 and 3 instead of syncing to ours, so in Step 2 you'll open Sync Preferences on your iMac and switch the radio from "Connect to an existing database" to "Keep the sync database on this Mac". It will prompt you for a new password for your new sync server, after which you should sync your iMac and then set up your iPhone to use the new server and sync it also.

Hope this helps!

tomtalk 2014-02-08 04:02 PM

Hey Ken,
All good. Thanks for the clear pathway to get there.

A couple of notes:
> On the imac when I changed the sync pref radio to 'keep sync on this mac' I did get a message about a 'wrong pid'. Once I clicked past that the password dialog came up ok.
> After doing the switch on the iphone, the sync pref 'Mac via wi-fi' had already detected the imac's local server name as the default.
> on the old MPB I set 'sync with' to nothing, to avoid any confusion.

Now Syncing like an ecosystem, hooray.


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