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m_s 2009-10-12 01:09 PM

Fastmail WebDAV
Could anyone talk me through setting up OF sync via webdav on Fastmail's servers. I have an enhanced account there, and have read the instructions and thought I did everything right, but it won't go through at all. Could someone explain in terms a simpleton like me will understand?

erich 2009-11-21 03:56 PM

In OmniFocus use address "" without the quotes. If your login name was [email][/email] (a fastmail domain) then use in place of above. Hope this resolves your issue.

m_s 2009-11-23 12:33 PM

Thanks for this, Erich. I figured it our eventually, and it's been working smoothly for the past month or so.

avandelay 2011-04-04 03:56 PM

Extremely helpful! My experience was slightly different, however. I could only create a new directory inside the existing "files" directory. Not allowed to touch anything ouside that.

So given the folder name I made ("OFsync"), and my domain (, my final location was:


Anyway, so glad I stumbled across your post. So far it's syncing really smoothly from both Mac and iPod Touch.

avandelay 2011-04-20 11:13 AM

[edit: it resolved itself after I quit and reopened the OF on my Mac. I guess it had done something weird and left the database in an unusable state? Strange. I'll leave this up here for others in case it's relevant though.]

Just ran into a snag on my iPod Touch and the Mac. Getting this:

[CODE]The server returned "request too large" (413) in response to a request to "PUT [addressremoved]/files/OFsync/OmniFocus.ofocus/20110420190405=mZ0zwHgGHmD.client-write-in-progress-kHAYFFYjalw".[/CODE]

It's been working perfectly for a few weeks now, so this is kind of weird. Other Fastmail DAV users seeing any problems or is this just me?

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