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floatingpoint 2008-10-15 08:27 AM

iPhone syncing using WebDav with cPanel
I hope this tip will save somebody else out there some time - sure woulda helped me :)

My web host uses cPanel for the site administration backend (as many many shared hosting services do), and I have just figured out how to set up a WebDav server and get OmniFocus to painlessly sync with my new iPhone:
[LIST=1][*]Log in to cPanel (if you can't do this, I can't help you)[*]Click on "Web Disk" under the "Files" section[*]Enter a username in the box provided (I used "iphone") and choose your domain name from the dropdown (if you have multiple sites hosted)[*]Enter password in the boxes[*]Accept the default value in the "path" box (cPanel probably puts in "public_html/username" or similar)[*]Click "Create"[/LIST]
Now, that part's pretty easy to figure out on your own, but what ISN'T said anywhere (that I could find) is that, in order to get the WebDav server to play nice with OmniFocus, you need to enter the correct port number in the address in OmniFocus settings:[LIST=1][*]Follow the instructions for setting up syncing[*]When you come to the address entry part, do NOT enter "" (which is what I kept trying)[*]Instead, simply enter "" (2078 is the port number - be sure to put a colon ":" before it with no spaces)[*]Then, when you click "Sync Now", you'll get a "User/Pass" dialogue box.[*]For the username, be sure to enter the ENTIRE username, i.e.: [email][/email][/LIST]
That's it. I hope that helps. If, for some reason, port 2078 doesn't work for you, ask your hosting provider which port they use for the WebDav.

Good luck with it!! :D

antcuc 2008-10-17 10:24 AM

Thanks for the info floatingpoint that'll help me out a lot. One question, which web host are you using? There are quite a few out there I'm just not sure which ones are really good. I just need reliable 1-5gigs worth of space for a small company with webdav and ssh. Does yours offer that?

kingsinger 2008-10-18 12:20 PM

I noticed that you changed the url from https to http when you included the port number. Is that a typo? Or is it material to getting it working?


floatingpoint 2008-10-18 01:26 PM

@antuc: I use [URL=""]A2 Hosting[/URL] (on the advice of Merlin Mann) and have been super happy with it so far. As far as I know, it does offer ssh, but only with certain plans like the "Executive" plan, which is still only $7.95/month. Have a look at that link and double check.

@kingsinger: You know, I just realized that myself. I'm not sure if it will work both ways - haven't tried it. I have mine set up exactly like shown above and it works. I did that because I'm personally not concerned about security with my to-do info, and SSL takes longer to transfer data. All I can say is try it both ways and see what works for you.

Glad I can be of help!

Tate 2008-12-09 06:39 AM

This seems to work great with the OF desktop application, but I can't get it to work with the iPhone. It is just unable to reach the server. How do I sync my iPhone to this database?

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