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eugene 2006-10-26 04:10 AM

search is broke/handicapped?
I tried to do a search on the term "PDF" to see if there were any alternative plugins that will let OW display PDF files inline. The search came up with no results. But I know the results are bogus, because I did another search on "plugin" which came up with a thread titled "Possible to enable PDF / RTF viewing in Omniweb?"


So wazzup? :confused:

troyb 2006-10-26 09:54 AM

I think the length of the search string just needs to be longer. Probably would be nice if this were mentioned on the results page...

JKT 2006-10-26 12:16 PM

FWIW, [url=]SchubertIT PDFplugin[/url] lets you view PDFs in the browser window

Forrest 2006-10-26 07:19 PM

Troy got it. vB's search capabilities are horrible. Calling it "garbage" is probably an understatement. I think it has the worst search capabilities of anything I've ever seen in the past decade.

The work around is to do -[jibberish] so all instances of PDF that don't have an instance of characters you know aren't posted anywhere like -hjsadfjsdonviouhneanfjd

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