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ELLIOTPAULSTERN 2013-07-06 01:21 PM

Wordpress - pressme
I am using to Wordpress sites which have a feature available called press. You can drag this to your bookmark bar which I have done and it allows you to capture the page your on and turn it into a blog on your own site. As an example if I was CNN and their was a story I wanted to move to my blog I would click on press and it would set up a post for my own Wordpress site.

It works in Safari and Firefox but I cannot seem to get it to work in Omniweb. Has anyone used this and have you been successful in Omniweb?


superhancpetram 2013-07-06 04:56 PM

I haven't used that bookmarklet in particular but I have ones for Facebook sharing, Instapaper, Pinterest, and Plex which all work in Omniweb. Some of those (not all) launch a pop-up window to enable the sharing ... do you have popups blocked perhaps?

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