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pgn 2008-02-22 07:38 AM

OF & priority/MailTags opinions?

i'm just gettinng started with OF.

i've been reading the forums, and fell into some of the older discussions on the use/usefulness of prioritization via MailTags w/ OF. Haven't found (yet) much recent commentary, so thought I'd ask a question or three ...

(1) At 1/2 the price of OF itself, MailTags' add'l cost can add up for groups. Now that some time has passed, are folks here finding MailTags in conjunction with OF to be a key/worthwhile component of GTD in practice (not necessarily part of the 'pure' theory, i know), or more 'noise' that gets in the way?

(2) several posts refer to info about MailTags use in OF's "Help System". When I enter 'Tags' of 'MailTags' into OF, I get no results. What am I missing?

(3) *Is* there a tutorial w/ suggested- or best-practices for MailTags + OF integration? If so, a URL?

(4) If, in fact, lots of folks are finding MailTags' prioritization capabilities useful, and OmniGroup is 'listening' (as they apparently very frequently/carefullly do!), are there plans for such being integrated natively into OF? I.e., bluntly, should we not spend the money for MT, and wait for 'it' in OF?

ambi 2008-02-22 05:09 PM

Personally, I haven't found MailTags all that useful in practise. The only thing which, on Tiger, makes Mailtags essential for me is that it gives you URLs to your emails. This is key for me, but I gather Leopard does this now natively. If I had Leopard (soon, my precious, soon ...) I wouldn't bother with Mailtags.

What I do is just use the clipping feature of OF to send my emails to OF and track and process everything there.

If you're a tags kind of person (I'm not) then I guess it might be useful, but I prefer having (many!) links in OF pointing to relevant email.

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