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zottel 2006-06-17 12:44 PM

Esc to leave input boxes
Hi there,

I frequently use keyboard shortcuts instead of the mouse to control the browser. The most important ones - space for page down und backspace for back - won't work, though, if the current focus is on an input box of any kind.

It would be great if the old (but mostly forgotten) custom in web browsers could be revived: To just press Esc to place the focus from the input box back to the page itself.



bewebste 2006-06-17 10:25 PM

I was just thinking of a similar feature, although I wanted to have a keyboard command that would put the focus in the main part of the webpage, the equivalent to clicking in the background of the page. But the same shortcut would work no matter if the keyboard focus was in an input field, up in the address bar, the search field, or whatever. Just one key I can hit, and then I can start using the space bar and arrow keys to navigate.

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