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jfaughnan 2008-11-25 03:56 PM

How do I import my Outlook or Palm tasks?
I moved my Outlook and Palm Tasks/Notes to Toodledo a few weeks ago.

Now that the [URL=""]Dacopalypse[/URL] is upon us I'm very interested in a desktop solution for handling tasks and ideally notes that would work with my iPhone and with iCal.

Complexity is not an issue.

Date import and export IS an issue.

How can I get hundreds of tasks/notes into OmniFocus? The demo I downloaded had almost no import/export capabilities.


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curt.clifton 2008-11-25 04:10 PM

OF stores its back ups in a transparent XML document, so data lock-in with OF isn't an issue.

For getting information into OF, what you see in the demo is what you get: just OmniOutliner and Kinkless GTD according to OF help. On the other hand, OF is highly scriptable, so a bit of Applescript can massage most any data into OF. An OmniOutliner is quite flexible about accepting pasted data, so a route through OO into OF might be reasonable.

What formats can Toodledo export to?

jfaughnan 2008-11-25 04:28 PM

Toodledo export
Toodledo will export as CSV -- basically task name, due date, category, context, and note (with paragraph carriage returns stripped out, alas).

I'm surprised there isn't an import solution for OmniFocus. Seems like there are a lot of Outlook/Palm/Entourage customers who'd be more likely to switch if something robust existed.

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