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dtrounce 2012-12-06 11:44 AM

I’ve just started using OmniFocus for iPhone and iPad. Great product.

Is there any way to link contacts from you address book to OmniFocus? Use cases are:
• Link contact to context. E.g. context is “Joe Smith”, linked to address book entry, so you can open his phone number, email address, webpage, details immediately available with one tap from OmniFocus
• Link contact to action. E.g. action is “Call Joe Smith”. Joe Smith is now a hyperlink that opens the contact, for same reason
• Siri reminder integration to recognize contacts passed from Reminders. The iOS app recognizes contacts and marks them as such when listed in Reminders. But this is lost when it is brought over to OmniFocus. Then it should be automatically moved to the right person context on arrival into OmniFocus (just like locations that are contexts)

It seems that contact integration is as fundamental as location integration. Are there plans to add this functionality soon?

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