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nicoledb 2013-02-27 06:52 AM

[;76760]I have a context PEOPLE with adequate subcontext according to the people I work most with.
YET this I use for actions I do TOWARDS them.
What about items I am waiting for FROM them?
I just might do the same yet THEN I will have to handle 2 separate context menus when I for example meet them:

ANY comment / idea / suggestion most WELCOME



Your example doesn't seem to work anymore in the current version of OF (1.10.4). When I try to recreate a similar hierarchy, and put the top context On Hold, that's exactly what happens: the top context is put On Hold, but not the hierarchy of contexts below that. That's not what I expect to be happening, I would expect all contexts below the top one to inherit the property 'On Hold'. Is this a bug maybe?

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