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jean-louis 2008-02-17 12:31 AM

calculations between modules
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Would it be difficult to add the ability to implement calculations between modules?

I made an exemple with Director which shows a little family and two events. Oval buttons contain dates (birthday, events...); they can be modified.
Special labels (here subtractions) would compute between modules which have an oval button. A super button would be able to do global operations
(here increasing or decreasing all oval buttons contents).

For a writer, that function would be great, as it would allow many more things than a simple diagram; in my example it permits to catch at a glance all characters ages (and thus their reactions in front of an event).
A very useful tool for the creativity.

At this time I see only spreadsheets to do such a thing. But in a so stark way..
If it did it, OGP would be a pioneer in the world of brainstorming apps.

You can test my little app here:


I hope that my little suggestion will have an echo among your team...

Regards and bravissimo for OGP
jean-louis valero

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