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ivanrostas 2011-07-05 03:26 AM

Counting objects, put value on canvas
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Hi guys

The 4th of July weekend must have most of you guys enjoying the day and not logged into this forum!

This is a simpler restatement in the hope of getting a taker or two, of my earlier far too verbose thread.

Can anyone give me any assistance with counting the two types of objects on the attached sample drawing, and assuming that they have the data key / data value combination:

Circle with a 1 in it : SKU 1234
Circle with a 2 in it: SKU 5678

I need to count the quantities of each of the circle types, and then have the total appear in the Quantity column of the little table in the corner.

John Gersh kindly gave me this assistance five years ago, but because my objects are based on the same circle, OG5 doesnt differentiate between them.

Here is that old link (for OG4 of course):


I would really appreciate some help. I am reading an Illustrator Scripting Guide, for parallels, and Soghains book, but the fundamental problem I think is the differentiation of the objects/shapes/graffleshapes (??) themselves.



tmiller 2014-04-04 03:53 PM

Hi Ivan, I know this is a few years later, however it might come in handy for you. You can download a script that accomplishes your goal at [url][/url]

ivanrostas 2014-04-05 03:03 AM

Thank you!
Hi Tyler

Thank you so much! 8 years in the making and you might just have a solution for me.

Can I contact you at JTech to discuss further?

Again, a sincere thanks for following me up.



tmiller 2014-04-07 08:20 AM

Yes Ivan - I'd prefer not to post my work email here so go ahead and contact me through our website [url][/url] and I will respond to you.

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