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RaK 2011-12-28 11:10 AM

Drawing board games
Hi Guys,

I need to draw something like this in omnigraffle:

Special focus on the "ribbon" which "flows" over the board game.

Currently I am planning with different bezier lines per color with a decent "strength" of the line (like 50pt) and separate the "fields" by adding some extra lines crossing the ribbon which have only smaller strength (like 3pt) in white color. The text would be on an extra layer.

I would really love to hear your proposals for a better approach. Is there a chance to build each tile of the ribbon as separate form, perhaps using magnets on the edges?

Is there a set of stencils which could be used?

I am quite new to omnigraffle so consider less as granted on my end ,-).

Thanks for your time.

Kind regards.

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