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SpiralOcean 2007-12-31 09:04 AM

Stalled project when project is sequential and first action is repeating
If I have a project that is repeating
with 4 actions
and the 1st action is repeating
the remaining 3 actions will never appear

expected behavior
when I complete a repeating action
and the due date is in the future
the next action in the list should appear
until the first action's start date makes the action available

blewis 2008-01-02 02:23 PM

I have similar expected behavior as you listed. However, what I can't work out in your example (and in my OF file for similar situations) is where should the recently completed repeating item be placed? At the top of the list and then subsequently marked "Not suitable for Next Action because of Start/Due date" or placed at the end of the list until the Start/Due date becomes a factor?

It seems several people are simultaneously asking this question in the forum. I wonder if something changed underneath us causing us to notice this?


curt.clifton 2008-01-02 03:07 PM

From the Dec. 27 release notes:

Completing a repeating project puts the new repetition right after the completed instance, similarly to the way actions behave. More control over the positioning is forthcoming (post-1.0), but at least projects and actions act the same way now.

I'm not sure when the similar change was made for actions. Sometime before Dec. 19 anyway.

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