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iNik 2010-05-31 08:11 AM

Adding macros to OF
Lots of talk of automation here, and I just thought I'd post a couple things I find macros and hot-keys especially useful for, for all y'all who like maximizing productivity.

Review: When I fire off the review keystroke, I get a set of windows, tiled side-by-side, that show my various review perspectives. Stalled projects, upcoming projects, and no-context-items. Then I can quickly zip through the reviews.

Window management: I set up OF to automatically bring all its windows to front when it's activated, which is just natural for me, since I tend to keep a few windows open with different perspectives. Likewise, I set it up to hide all windows when it goes in the background, since, again, I usually have lots of windows open, and don't use it for drag & drop much. Keeps distractions to a minimum. (I do the same with lots of other cluttery apps to help maintain focus -- I've got a 13" Macbook, so window management is a big deal for me)

Export: I have a quick script that exports a few perspectives as text files to my Dropbox. Then I can easily get a quick view of what's due even if I'm on a foreign computer.

Lotsa shortcuts to run AppleScripts. No end of 'em. Plus a few to quickly bring up a window with the right focus (Inbox, especially) no matter which app I'm in.

My #2 keystroke (after the clipping/service keystroke) is one that just bring OF forward so I can check off the task I was working on and go on to the next one.

Just some stuff I like to use, though I'd share. I'm using KB Maestro for this, which I like a lot, since it can do all those window front/back tricks. I also like QuicKeys a lot, but it's spendy, and Proxi, which is free, but no longer supported.

Keyboard Maestro (plus a 20% discount): <[url][/url][URL=""][/URL]>

QuicKeys: <[url][/url][URL=""][/URL]>

Proxi: <[url][/url][URL=""][/URL]> (get it while you can, Griffin no longer provides a download of it!)
Here's a discount code if you wanna buy it.

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