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djc225 2012-01-29 08:36 AM

project dependent on project and task dependent on task in another project
Hi All,

New to omnifocus. was previously using ms project and ms outlook (parallels) and I could make any task dependent on any other task or group of tasks being completed first.

How do i achieve this in omnifocus? I've searched an havent found anything that really address this.

I have three situations that this usually comes up. project "2" is dependent on project "1" being finished. or task "b" in project "2" is dependent on a specific task in project 1 being finished first or task "b" in project "2" is dependent on the entire project 1 being finished first.

any suggestions are greatly appreciated

Lucas 2012-01-29 09:07 AM

Blocking one task or another task only works as part of an outline in a single project in OF. The options that I can think of are making project 1 and project 2 a single project; or making yourself a note to manually make project 2 active at some point in project 1.

Oh, also: I personally don't use it, but omniplan is probably more analogous to MS Project.

djc225 2012-01-29 12:11 PM

MS project (and im guessing omniplan) are much more than i need. Just really need to track which actions need to be done before others and sometimes they have to be in different projects (marketing tasks might have to wait for an admin project to finish or partially finish).

ive heard that people might use links and ive tried but seems clunky.

djc225 2012-01-29 04:24 PM

found a good solution to this
long description here so im not going to re write it, basically says use sequential action groups with and create a new first task with @waiting for context. then i can review all projects that are waiting daily and see if its ready to start the next project or action group


andeye 2013-01-02 07:01 AM

Does anyone have an automated solution?
I also have a need to have one project or task to be dependent on actions from within other projects (for example, I need to review accounts once I have invoiced customers for a range of projects).

Assigning this to a waiting for and reviewing my waiting for list each day seems potty - isn't that what a computer's for? Surely there must be some way of automatically adding a dependancy from one task to another when they are in separate projects?

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