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Officer Digby 2007-02-19 06:49 AM

Installed OOP and MDS Indexing NON stop!
I just installed OOP to have a go at GTD. And my MacBook Pro CD won't shut up!. MDS indexing has been on for hours ever since I installed taking up 100% or one processor fully.

I think the onset of the mds indexing was written in the console as something like omnioutliner calling for a reindexing. I had the line but now it's been archived somewhere ;-/

mds has been full on for 17hrs!!!

any ideas? battery now lasts <2hrs..

EDIT found the log:

2007-02-18 22:25:11.324 OmniOutliner[8794] This version of OmniOutliner has a newer Spotlight importer (/Applications/, version 2) than previously run ((null)). Requesting a re-index of files handled by our importer.

So still firing away here. LOL

WrongSizeGlass 2007-02-20 02:22 AM

Re: Installed OOP and MDS Indexing NON stop!
Have you rebooted, and if so does this reindexing continue? Have you tried killing the process from the Activity Monitor (in your Utilities folder)?

I would suggest e-mailing Omni via the Help->Send Feedback command in OmniOutliner. You'll get a response from them pretty quickly.

If this continues after rebooting you may also want to post on the Apple support forums to see if there is something that they can suggest.

James B.

DerekM 2007-02-21 01:21 PM

Has this issue been resolved?

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