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suzyqballoon 2007-03-26 08:29 PM

Brainstorming - Lines
I am trying to use the Brainstorming/lines option to create a family tree. Is there any way to reverse the ordering (ie instead of a descending tree from a common point - very handy for brainstorming and nesting ideas -, can I start at the 'bottom' and move upwards)?

Or should I be doing something completely different to create a family tree? I would prefer not to have to create each entry individually, then arrange/align the 'people', link them, etc - that's one of the beauties of using the brainstorming approach - it is all nice and automatic and quick.

And if there is something different, can I then incorporate standard genogram symbology? Does anyone know if there is a stencil (or something) already out that which would work for genograms?


ocroquette 2007-09-02 05:15 AM

I am trying to use the Brainstorming/lines option to create a family tree.[/QUOTE]


I am also currently trying to do a very simple family tree, which should look like this in the end:

Picture ----- Picture
| |
Picture Picture ----- Picture

I can't find a nice and simple way to have the relationships links done automatically.

Right now, I have to draw all the lines manually, which is not doable for a more complex diagram.

Did you find something on your side?
Do anyone have some tips for me?

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