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mokolabs 2007-07-24 04:52 AM

Stencil licenses on Graffletopia
Hey, there. It's Patrick from Graffletopia.

I'm considering adding support for stencil licenses to Graffletopia.

Most people probably assume stencils are public domain, but that's not clear. Stencils may be in the public domain or the stencil author may wish to retain some or all rights.

Personally, I think a public domain license makes sense for most stencils. Since stencils are usually incorporated into larger works -- most of which are personal or for internal use at a company -- it doesn't make sense to give the creator attribution within Graffle documents.

But I'm wondering what other people think...

Should all stencils be public domain? Should Creative Commons be supported too?

Wim Lewis 2007-07-24 12:39 PM

People might want to apply different licenses to individual graphics on the stencil and to the stencil as a whole. I think it would be reasonable to only host stencils whose graphics can be used pretty freely. But people might still apply license restrictions to the stencil as a whole. Some licenses that might make sense for stencils:

- Public domain
- Not public domain but still freely usable (a BSD-style license, maybe)
- The various Creative Commons licenses
- ???

Wim Lewis 2007-07-24 12:46 PM

On second thought, a stencil creator might want to restrict their stencil to use only on noncommercial documents. Hmm.

Looking at the CC website, I see they also have a set of [url=]sampling licenses[/url] which might be appropriate to stencils.

mokolabs 2007-07-24 02:12 PM

A ha!

The sampling license is a good option. I didn't consider it at first because I assumed it was only for music, but it's also intended for other types of work, as well.

So this might be a good combination of licenses:

- Public domain - no restrictions on use
- Sampling - free to use stencils for noncommercial work
- Sampling (plus) - free to use stencils for commercial work

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