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natkin 2011-11-30 09:27 AM

Outdated documentation
Omni, it's quite unfortunate that the Manuals for your OmniFocus Mac, iPhone, and iPad products are so out of date. Embarrassingly so.

I talked up OmniFocus on the iPhone to a friend. He went and read the manual and complained that the app lagged too much in functionality. I had to correct him and say, "oh that manual is years old."

Please don't forget about documentation as you enhance your products.

Lizard 2011-12-02 09:20 AM

We're working on this.

petert 2012-06-06 12:10 AM

Outdated documentation !!
Still working on the documentation?

wilsonng 2012-06-06 03:42 AM

I pretty much gave up and bought the "Creating Flow with OmniFocus" ebook from here.


Or read the free articles from:



It was definitely worth every penny. Sometimes third party authors offer a different perspective and provides new tips and workflows that can't be adequately in an official manual. Oftentimes, I find official manuals more as reference and doesn't really shine a spotlight on different workflows.

petert 2012-06-07 07:54 PM

Thanks wilsong!

But in my opinion the maker of the software is responsible for supplying good documentation.

wilsonng 2012-06-07 11:13 PM

you're welcome.

But I have always found the third party ones as better written.

The official manuals tend to be dry and just explains the commands and functions.

The third party articles and books go deeper into how you can incorporate the software in your workflow. These books sometimes offers better tutorials to handhold you through your initiation process.

With that being said, I do agree and wished the manuals were updated.

Lizard 2012-06-08 11:24 AM

We are working on updating the iOS manuals. (The in-app help has been updated, and we'll be reworking the PDFs soon.)

OmniFocus for the Mac will need a major documentation update for OmniFocus 2, so we may not be able to update it until then.

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