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HappyDude 2011-08-29 03:18 AM

I was perusing through these OF forums and decided to re-hatch this thread.

I've sold my iPad 1 since, considering i'll be starting UCLA this coming fall.....

....however, I truly miss my iPad. I managed to perform numerous Weekly Reviews and came out feeling great about them all. I'd love to get an iPad again though considering i'll be starting university soon for the 1st time, I think i'll stick to OF on my MacBook Pro and iPhone.

As an advice to all those who've done a WR on the iPad; I wish you the best of luck in all your successful outcomes and genuinely encourage you to delve head first into the OmniFocus app on iPad as it's truly served me well.

On a personal note, I believe i'll be tackling UCLA on my MacBook Pro and iPhone for the first quarter till Apple comes out with a Retina Display iPad 3.

All the best,


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