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Ken Case 2010-09-09 12:54 PM

OmniFocus 1.8 for Mac is now available!
Today we're releasing [URL=""]OmniFocus 1.8[/URL], a free update for anyone using OmniFocus for Mac. OmniFocus 1.8 includes numerous updates to improve the user interface, workflow, and reliability.

The 1.8 update will now clean up automatically when switching views, moving items to their proper locations, just like OmniFocus for iPhone and OmniFocus for iPad. Filtering is improved with the more flexible View Bar. All items, including groups, projects, and Inbox items, can appear in Context-mode lists, making them easier to find. Also, groups and projects can now become next actions, so there is no need to switch to Planning mode to finish up a project.

Perspectives can now be easily shared as files, by simply dragging them out of OmniFocus. As introduced in OmniFocus for iPhone, a new bookmarklet can send web pages to the Inbox from a web browser.

Synchronization is faster and even more stable. Additionally, due item alerts can be synchronized alongside the OmniFocus database as a calendar.

For more information, including complete release notes, please visit the OmniFocus download page. If you're already using OmniFocus, you can Check for Updates from the OmniFocus menu to automatically download and install this latest update.

We hope you enjoy [URL=""]OmniFocus 1.8[/URL]!

policarpo 2010-09-09 02:24 PM

Very cool.

Quick question though?

I can email Tasks from the iPad to the desktop and it opens as a Task in the QuickEntry window, however, when I copy Link from OF desktop and email, it does absolutely nothing.

Am I missing something?

whpalmer4 2010-09-09 02:46 PM

What link are you copying?

The link in the email is of the form:

omnifocus:///add?name=action_name&note=note_text (yes, 3 slashes)

The link you get from Copy as Link on the desktop is just a pointer to an existing item, and isn't going to do you any good when handed to another OmniFocus database.

policarpo 2010-09-09 03:01 PM

I was hoping for the same functionality on the Desktop that I get from the iPad. :(

The iPad offers a simple way to send tasks to other OF users. I would be nice to do this from a group level though...but maybe soon. :)

ewelch 2010-09-09 03:49 PM

Just installed it. All my data is now gone. I went to backups and told it to replace backups from August 17 and back to January 12 and when the restore is done, there is no data whatsoever. Even though the files appear to be good and have data in them in the backup folder.

Brian 2010-09-09 04:04 PM

ewelch, I'm really sorry for the confusion here - by far the most likely explanation here is that some combination of settings under the View menu is hiding your actions. That would explain why reverting to a backup isn't appearing to change anything - it doesn't touch those view menu settings.

If you select the "All Items" option under the Perspectives menu, does your data become visible again?

If not, contact us via phone (800.315.6664) or [EMAIL=""]email[/EMAIL] and we'll be happy to investigate this with you!

derekr 2010-09-09 04:09 PM

Hey Policarpo. Just created a quick script for someone else. Perhaps you could use Automator to put it in Services.


policarpo 2010-09-09 04:46 PM

@Derek Cool...any chance the script could be tweaked to include NOTES. :)


jakobox 2010-09-10 04:24 AM

I love the addition of publishing to a calendar! However, for me, this would be truly useful if you could also publish the *start* date.

My second thought on that is more minor, but it would also be cool if you could have the option to publish each event as an "all day" event (rarely do I have to start/finish any actions that I keep in OF at a specific time of the day).

But overall, glad to see you guys keeping at it with the improvements!

kirkafur 2010-09-10 06:18 AM

Can I set a default alarm to the calendar?

Also, my default due time in OF is 6AM. In iCal, some days have several items overlapping so that I can't see them. Can this OF iCal calendar be set to show due items as all-day events?

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