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gavinr 2009-06-14 02:56 PM

License problem after migration to new machine
I bought a copy of Graffle last year and installed the license on my laptop. I've now been moved to work on an iMac, so I used the Mac migration assistant to transfer everything from old machine to new. I then deleted the licence off the laptop. However, I now get a message when I start up Graffle saying "This copy of OmniGraffle is not licensed. In x days this trial of Omnigraffle will require a license." The license shows up OK in the license page, I have tried deleting and reinstalling it but no improvement.

Obviously I don't want to buy another license so how can I resolve this?

whpalmer4 2009-06-14 04:35 PM

Email to [email][/email] would be your best bet.

Brian 2009-06-17 01:14 PM

This is generally caused when the local network has OmniGraffle running on more machines than the license code supports. If that's the case, quitting all the copies and then restarting OmniGraffle in the new location should resolve the issue.

If that doesn't resolve it, contacting the support ninjas from the address above would be the thing to do.

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