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fposada 2009-11-25 03:07 PM

Omniplan does not appear to contain valid Omniplan data

When attempting to open any omniplan file, I get the following message: "xxxx.omniplan does not appear to contain valid OmniPlan data" (xxxx is the name of my file).

Does any one have had the same problem? Solution?



fposada 2009-11-25 03:31 PM


I found the problem, at least on my MacBook. I was using for the first time the software Expression Media 2, from Microsoft. I imported all my files yesterday to Expression Media 2, but it DID not recognize the file extension from OMNI software, so it corrupted all the files (omnifocus, omniplan, etc.). regards

skwirl 2009-11-30 10:58 PM

I think the problem has to do with Microsoft Expression Media 2 not being able to handle file wrappers correctly, but I'm not 100% sure.

OmniPlan documents are stored in a type of folder called a file wrapper. File wrappers appear to be normal files in the Finder. Apple Mail will treat file wrappers like normal files and transparently zip them when you attach them to an email, but there are some applications that don't know how to handle file wrappers correctly like Microsoft Entourage. In these cases, the file wrapper should be zipped before being accessed by these applications. You can zip a file by right-clicking on it and selecting "Compress" from the context menu.

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