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jesstagib 2009-07-31 08:53 PM

Print vs. screen view
I use OO to type up notes for uni lectures and readings. Having adjusted the order/format etc. I like to print them to revise.

The problem I have is that if I set the font size to be a reasonable size for printing portrait A4 notes (ie. not so large that it runs off the page or uses pages and pages to print) then the font is too small to be comfortably read on a laptop screen.

Is there a way to do/mimic the viewing size in Word so that I can pump up the size for the screen but still have it print at around 12 point?


Flexattend 2009-08-01 08:57 PM

I have not found any way to do this. I too find this inflexibility with print formatting to be a major problem. Working from a Powerbook, I need to use a high screen resolution, to squeeze as much as I can on the display. But that has required me to adjust the default font sizes in preferences, making them large enough to see. The unfortunate side effect is that the font size when printing is unnecessarily large.

Equally annoying, I want to change the font for printing to whatever I want. I may not want the same for printing that I do onscreen.

Please --- let's avoid saying, "well, why would you want to do that". BECAUSE I WANT TO; THAT'S WHY.

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