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whpalmer4 2009-12-08 04:49 PM

[QUOTE=howardtnyc;70586]One opportunity to expand perspectives woudl be to allow users to add more logic to their perspectives. For example perhaps I want to see all items due within 3 days, and all flagged items, but also all items of less than 10 min duration.
You can do all items of less than 10 minutes duration which are either due within 3 days or flagged, but not all items which are 10 minutes or less OR due within 3 days OR flagged. I am a bit dubious about the utility of the latter -- why do you want to mix seemingly high priority stuff with random stuff that just happens to be short? Why not just look at the high priority short duration list, and if there's nothing there, only then look at the all-encompassing short duration list?
Or I want to be in project view but I want to exclude certain context (I *really* want to be able to do this!)
I'm really curious about this one. What's the application? In any case, I believe you could do a fair approximation of this in context mode by selecting all but the excluded contexts, then grouping by project. I'm assuming that your projects are mostly parallel ones, where precise replication of the task order won't be critical, because it seems odd that you would want to view sequential projects with some of the actions suppressed, but maybe I'm just not sufficiently imaginative :-) It would make some sense to me if you wanted it to not show projects where the next action was from a context on the "don't show" list (because you weren't in that context) but you don't seem to be asking for that, or are you?

I realize these are just examples, and I'm [b]not[/b] trying to shoot down the idea. If you want the suggestions/requests to be noticed by Omni, you need to send them in with Help->Send Feedback or email to [email][/email] so they'll be counted.

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