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Teall 2008-02-01 06:56 PM

I would love a script that would export tasks to Address Book notes with the name the @List. Then i could sync with my iPhone, for example:

Note: -Call Mom
-Call Boss

thr61 2008-03-20 01:23 PM

Create "Waiting For" NA prior to mail send
I am a fairly new mac and OF user who came over from the dark side of XP and Outlook. One decent tool amid the bloat was the David Allen Outlook plugin which had the ability to create an "@waiting for" next action that contained the subject matter of the email being sent.

I know that I can go into my sent items in Entourage (still need it for Exchange) and use the Entourage to OF script to put the item in my inbox, but a script that could grab the addressee, date and subject line and dump a waiting for into the OF inbox would be amazing.

I have no coding or scripting skills myself, so I dare not try.


eco-geek 2008-03-27 12:06 PM

Sync with SplashShopper (a list manager)
I would love to have a script that would sync OmniFocus with SplashShopper ([url][/url]), and here's why. It occurred to me that SplashShopper is really just a list manager and GTD is really about managing lists. This makes them a perfect match. Also, SplashShopper has both an OS X desktop app and a Palm app and they supply their own sync conduit which works flawlessly.

In both apps, SplashShopper has the ability to filter items based on "Stores" (Projects) and "Categories" (Contexts). You can also mark an item as "Needed", which in my mind equates to "Next", thus I can keep all identified project actions in the main view with only the next action(s) marked as "Next" (which will show up in the "Needed" view).

I know a little about Applescript, but nowhere near enough to accomplish something like this. And I'm a grad student, so the amount of time I can devote to learning is terribly limited at this point. So can anyone cobble together a script that might do this? Alternatively, can you point me to something that might serve to get me started? Thanks!

sirvivian 2008-05-27 03:01 AM

I second everything mikesale wrote - especially the "big" one!!!

henri 2008-06-29 08:19 AM

[FONT=Georgia]I have an OO script which I used to use daily: it would take all dates less than today's and turn them into today. For example, if today's date is June 29, all dates up to June 28 would magically become June 29.

Why this would be useful in OF: one of my most useful perspectives is "group by start date, sort by due date". It would be convenient to not have a distinction between "started yesterday", "started in the last week", etc. and "start today", since the difference is moot.

So I would activate this script first thing in the morning, and have all tasks whether started in the past or starting today grouped together, because after running the script they would all be "start today".

Actually, such a script would need to ignore repeating tasks, as I wouldn't want to mess with their start dates.

I'm not that great with AppleScript, but I could try to do this myself if I had some sample OF scripts that address those sorts of issues. Where would those be?

ales 2008-07-18 10:22 PM

[QUOTE=Craig;22901]I'm a happy user of Curt Clifton's "What am I doing?" script. I wonder if someone with some scripting skills could alter it so that it could be invoked when multiple actions are selected. I'd love to be able to go through a list adding to the selections, then with one invocation of the script launch separate sticky Growl windows for each of them.

(Original script appears [URL=""]here[/URL].)[/QUOTE]

I second Craigs request. I would love a feature so that i could select a single action, press a keyboard shortcut and send it to growl, which would make the task sticky on my screen. I would do the same with 2 or max. 3 other tasks and that would really improve my multitasking.
Right now, i'm doing it like this. I also have iGTD2 installed which has this feature and then i select the tasks i'm doing in OF, copy them over into iGTD2 inbox and then use the keyboard shortcut to send them to growl.

I believe Curt.Cliffton is the original author of the WhatAmIdoing script and Curt, if you have the knowledge (which i believe you have) and the time to code this, i'll buy you a beer if you ever come to Slovenia. Heck, i'll buy you a sixpack :) I just hope Curt is reading this thread.

JakeB 2008-09-24 07:23 AM

Adding Time Estimates
I hope that adding another applescript request to this thread is appropriate.

I would love to be able to select a series of actions and to sum the estimated time across them. The StartTimer.scpt seems to do almost all of what I'd like, but rather than start Minuteur, I'd like just to get a dialog box with the sum that I could copy and past back into Omnifocus as the time estimated for the whole project (or, even better just have the time estimated for projects be defined as either (1) user supplied number or (2) the sum of the estimates of the actions.

I'll hack around on this a bit on my own. But, I am not an Applescript programmer and figured this might be faster for a more experienced person.



mattyork 2008-10-16 09:24 AM

I'm sure someone has put this somewhere but I don't yet see it on here. Since the iPhone doesn't handle to-do items on sync, and OF handles them much more elegantly anyways is there a way to convert OF actions to iCal calendar entries (not to-do items) w/ a default alarm? MobileMe users can then sync their iPhones with their iCal which would then include the alarms for each task.

Frank M 2008-12-19 01:05 PM

Add selected contact
I'd like an Applescript that does the following:

I select a name in a task, or a task description or a project.

The script checks to see if that name is in my address book.

If it is, it attaches the contact (as if I had dragged it from the address book onto the task, so that when I 2click it that it opens the address)

If not such contact is found, it warns me that it can't find it, then [cancel] or [open address book]

In an ideal world, if there is more than one matching contact (should not happen, but it can) if there's more than one match, it presents a list with fundamental details (name, company, phone) to choose from, and 2clicking it attaches the contact.

In a super mega hyper ideal, OmniGroup would make this functionality part of a context menu-with a read-ahead list. <-- Dear OmniGroup: This is a feature request!

whpalmer4 2008-12-19 01:32 PM

[QUOTE=Frank M;52626]
In a super mega hyper ideal, OmniGroup would make this functionality part of a context menu-with a read-ahead list. <-- Dear OmniGroup: This is a feature request![/QUOTE]
If you want a feature request to be noticed, use Help->Send Feedback or send email to [email][/email] so that it is logged into the tracking system.

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