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MelkMulle 2007-11-20 02:15 AM

Remember The Milk
I'v' been playing around with OF for a while, and I think it's very promising. The only thing is, I have set up my GTD system with Remember The Milk ([url][/url]) which is a superb app, but not as powerful as OF.

So 2 questions:
- does somebody know how to import RTM tasks into OF? The only way of exporting RTM-tasks is via an ICS-file. Is there a way to get this into OF?
- what about the web-interface? I have to be able to see my todo's "everywhere" just like RTM

thanx in advance


leebu 2007-11-23 03:30 PM

I've found a way to copy tasks over, but it isn't as easy as import... This also works much better if your lists in RTM are based on context and not project..

Subscribe iCal to each of your RTM lists.
Create an iCal calendar for each of the subscribed (read-only) RTM lists.
Move (drag/drop) tasks from the subscribed calendar to your iCal calendar. Hint: if you keep un-checking the ical calendar you'll only see the items that haven't been moved from the subscribed calendar.
Configure OF to sync with iCal.

This will copy all your tasks over from RTM. However, all it really does is avoid typing since it is still far from automatic...

Things to know:
Technique only works cleanly if you use context to define your lists, otherwise you'll have to move items around since OF/iCal sync is based on context.
Tags and location fields from RTM appear in the notes field.
If you were using tags to identify projects, you will have set that up again in OF.
Due dates do come across.
URL fields do come across.
Repeat does NOT come across.
There is no way to update RTM based on OF items with the current RTM read-only ics support.

Your mileage may vary, but this worked for me...

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