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erima 2007-11-03 10:28 AM

TaskPaper Love
I've been on the fence between TaskPaper and OmniFocus. I realized that I really don't have to choose between the two - there's enough love in my heart for both. They each have their place - OmniFocus is great for when I'm organized and up-to-speed; TaskPaper is a lifesaver when I've let too much cruff accumulate in my OmniFocus Inbox and I need to bang out a list of next actions.

It would terrific if there were some TaskPaper importing love in OmniFocus so that after I got all of my red alert stuff done (or 80% which is typical) I could then import it into OmniFocus and have it all in one place. See? Mad love all around :)

jaaaaaaaaay 2007-11-12 01:42 PM

This seems like a pony request, but I would like to have this pony as well. Go, pony.

xmas 2007-11-20 02:15 PM

Thought I'd mention that I put in some initial TaskPaper export a little while ago. Its pretty rudimentary at present, but if you're interested, play around with it.

And we hope to get an importer as well.

coconino 2007-11-20 02:52 PM

[QUOTE=xmas;25389]Thought I'd mention that I put in some initial TaskPaper export a little while ago. [...][/QUOTE]

It was playing with the export options which introduced me to TaskPaper (about an hour ago). I wondered what the text filename extension was all about so I googled it and found the app. I'm a big fan of Mori (since it was Hog Bay Notebook) and it was great to discover that Jesse Grosjean has been doing some interesting work on implementing GTD. I'd go along with erima that the TaskPaper and OmniFocus can live quite happily alongside each other and I'd be happy to see import as well as export.

erima 2007-11-23 08:58 AM

I'm psyched to hear about the exporter, that's pretty nifty and glad to hear that others agree there's enough love for both!

ext555 2007-11-23 01:55 PM

exporter works great ! if you export from project view , it creates new projects in task paper and the contexts get picked up as tags ..

importer would be great .. my taskpaper is green text on a pure black background with purple for tag text color ..

Task paper has it's niche .. but limited usefulness with no due dates etc ..

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