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Lizard 2008-07-09 01:10 PM

I agree that it's ugly, and I've already filed a bug to look into this. Sorry for making it sound like we don't care about this.

dorita234 2009-07-14 07:31 PM

thank you for your reply
[url=][color=#FFFFFF][u]Data Entry[/u][/color][/url]

dhariwal57 2012-05-05 03:44 AM

Hi Lizard,
Say I have a custom field which is float (1.25) and I want to roll up/sum up the values of this custom field to its parent group, how do i do that.
By the way your script worked nicely to update the calculated field in custom data. Thanks

[QUOTE=Lizard;34491]Here's Apple's official AppleScript reference:

I actually find Matt Neuberg's book AppleScript:The Definitive Guide (O'Reilly) more helpful.

Here's an example of an AppleScript that does approximately what I described above:
tell application "OmniPlan"
repeat with t in tasks of front document
if task type of t is standard task then
-- effort is in seconds
set budgetHours to (effort of t) / 3600
set budgetPrice to value of custom data entry "Budget Hour Price" of t
if budgetHours is missing value or budgetPrice is missing value then
set budgetTotal to 0
set budgetTotal to budgetHours * budgetPrice
end if
set value of custom data entry "Budget Total" of t to budgetTotal
end if
end repeat
end tell

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