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fink08 2009-11-12 04:36 AM

Leveraging custom/user data
I have created diagram using a custom graphical syntax. I would like to be able to change visual properties of certain elements using data key/data value pairs. E.g., I have the key 'optional': with possible values 'T/F'. I would like to set all the elements that are optional:T to be a certain color. Can I do this without AppleScript?

The closest I have found is the Canvas:Selection inspector, but it doesn't allow me to specify the key:value pairing (find all objects with key: optional and value: T).

My second question relates to changing an object's shape. If I select all 'diamond' shapes using the Canvas:Selection inspector, is there a way to change the shape to, e.g., a circle?


Joel 2009-11-12 07:08 AM

You can accomplish the latter using the Lines and Shape Inspector after selecting in the Selection Inspector, however the former looks like it's going to require AppleScript (or possibly, a value that's more than just a single character).

Hope that helps,

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