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Steve Hubert 2010-08-09 05:38 AM

"Due" beyond 1 week (a 3, 6, 9 and 12 month view?)
I would like to see further than 1 week ahead in the "Due" view. Is there a way to extend the view into 'due within a month' or due within the next 3 months? How about a customized view for each, i.e., a 3, 6, 9 and 12 month view?

I endeavor to always place a date, whether due or begin or both in my actions. I just want to know if there is a simple way to view those tasks and projects that are further out than 1 week.

curt.clifton 2010-08-09 05:54 AM

Instead of using the built-in Due perspective, you can make your own showing available or remaining actions, sorted and grouped by due date. Does that help?

RobTrew 2010-08-09 06:15 AM

In [URL=""]Where in OF[/URL] (for OF 1.8)

You could save generic custom searches like:
[INDENT][I]tasks where (due date ≥ <dte1>) and (due date ≤ <dte2>)[/I][/INDENT]
(the app will prompt you to enter absolute or relative dates)

specific custom searches like:
[INDENT][I]tasks where (due date ≥ tomorrow) and (due date ≤ today + 12 * weeks)[/I][/INDENT]
or something in between, which would enable you to look quite quickly at a variety of horizons (various numbers of weeks ahead):
[INDENT][I]tasks where (due date ≥ today) and (due date ≤ today + <num> * weeks)[/I][/INDENT]
A list of matching items is displayed, and you can select one or more particular items in the list and jump straight to them in the OF graphic user interface.


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