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getmethebutter 2009-07-12 10:57 AM

problem with "getting settings from Mac" on iPhone?
I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong here, or even IF I'm doing something wrong, but here's the deal:

My iPhone seems to lose the "settings from Mac" each time I close the app on the iPhone. So for example, if I open the app, go to "get settings from mac," it just hangs in "searching..." mode. If on the Mac I click "share settings" in the sync prefs on OF, the iPhone immediately gets the settings, and whatever new entries I've made are synced to the iPhone (or the Mac).

I am using MobileMe and I noticed this issue because new items entered either on the Mac or on the iPhone are not syncing.

I have followed all the instructions correctly, but I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong here.

Any input would be greatly appreciated!

whpalmer4 2009-07-12 11:08 AM

The "get settings from Mac" just tells the iPhone to start listening for a broadcast from the Mac. It won't hear anything if you haven't clicked the corresponding button on your Mac as the instructions above the "Searching..." indicator direct.

In other words, this is expected behavior.

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