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SteveL 2007-04-21 10:46 AM

Can someone explain to me how OW handles cookies.

I know there's three choices in preferences:
1) Accept (I checked)
2) Only from current (checked)
3) Discard when quitting. (not checked)

When I click on "Show Cookies," some cookies say "Rejected," others "Temporary," and still others "Saved."

How do my choices for 1), 2), and 3) relate to the Rejected/Temporary/Saved? Or, do they?

If I select 3) "Discard when quitting," will the cookies marked "Saved," be saved or will they be discarded?


Forrest 2007-04-21 03:26 PM

There are essentially two types of cookies that OW shows you when you're looking at cookies. It shows you permanent and temporary cookies (not the exact names, but helps explain better.) Temporary cookies go away when you close the browser window or quit, no matter what your cookie prefs say. Also, they'll be rejected if you set cookies to be rejected.

For your last question, the cookies should be discarded when quitting if you have that pref selected.

SteveL 2007-04-21 03:40 PM

Forrest, thanks for your reply, but I'm still confused. I'll try it again:

How does OW determine whehter a cookie is temporary or permanent? Is it determined by the user setting? Or …


Forrest 2007-04-21 04:23 PM

That's determined by the way the page is written - nothing you can control.

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