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uscmeche 2008-07-10 07:17 AM

Question about License Agreement
Yes! I am so stoked.

Quick question: the license agreement is non-existent online. If I purchase the app from the online store, can I install on my new 3G iPhone tomorrow?

Thanks Omni, you all rock!

Brian 2008-07-10 08:55 AM

The app that we're selling on our online store is the desktop version - you'll need to purchase the iPhone version through iTunes.

Once Apple releases the iPhone 2.0 firmware, you'll be able to install the application on your phone.

uscmeche 2008-07-10 10:26 AM

sorry for the confusion. I meant the App online store. The license agreement, to find out how many phones we can install on, is non-existent. Hope this clarifies the question.

Brian 2008-07-10 11:25 AM

Aah - any phone running the iPhone 2.0 firmware will be able to install the app.

As to installing on multiple devices, I honestly have no idea if the App Store supports this or not. We certainly haven't done anything on our end to prevent it.

uscmeche 2008-07-10 11:53 AM

Awesome, thanks Brian. I am going to take the plunge ;)

Lizard 2008-07-10 12:37 PM

The license agreement is "missing" from the App Store because we're going by Apple's default licensing agreement for App Store applications and therefore didn't need to put anything there. (I guess it might be clearer if Apple put a link to their standard terms there....)

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