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jpbarr 2009-03-18 12:31 PM

Odd behavior in 1.6
Ever since I upgraded to 1.6, the background of the sidebar in context mode has become transparent. It only happens in context mode, not in planning mode. It looks kinda cool, but it makes it very hard to read my list of contexts.

Is it just me or is anyone else having this problem?

Brian 2009-03-18 01:26 PM

If you can figure out what triggered that, it's something we'd definitely want to know about; in a couple of cases, the style system can do the wrong thing and cause this behavior. We've tracked down a couple of cases where it happens, but it sounds like there's at least one more.

In the meantime, the fix for the problem is to open up the "Style" pane of OmniFocus' preferences, then press the "Reset" button in the lower left.

Does that help?

jpbarr 2009-03-18 02:32 PM

That did the trick
That worked. Thanks a ton.

As to what caused it, all I can tell you is that I was running OF and got a notice that 1.6 was available. I installed it and the background started doing its thing.

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