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ad_davis77 2009-08-07 04:16 AM

OmniFocus with MailTags

Can anyone tell me if there is any significant benefit of using MailTags ([url][/url]) or MailActOn ([url][/url]) with OmniFocus? When I read the feature list, I really don't see anything compelling even though the website states "Works great with OmniFocus". I use the clippings feature in OmniFocus to convert mail to tasks. Am I missing something?

Greg Jones 2009-08-07 05:06 AM

MailTags allows you to assign several metadata attributes to an email, and the following attributes are assigned to an OmniFocus task via the clipping function:

1) If an email is assigned a Tickle Date in MT, that becomes the due date in OF.

2) If an email is assigned a project in MT, that becomes the project in OF [i]IF[/i] that project already exists in OF.

One thing that is not supported (yet), but would be a welcome addition, is if the clipping function also mapped the first keyword assigned in MT to the context in OF.

Mail-Act-On can be used to call customized scripts that work with OF, but I've never used anything but the clipping service to integrate Mail with OmniFocus.

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