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chrisWhite 2011-10-18 03:57 PM

Sync items due today with iCal
I've been using Things recently but the refined OmniFocus workflow and the awesome cloud syncing has brought me back once again. Unfortunately I've really come to depend on the great [URL=""]Alarms[/URL] app for my daily review and time management each day and I'm having trouble making it work with OmniFocus.

To make this work, I need to sync tasks to iCal by date, not context. Basically, I need this:


I've spent the past hour searching the forums but everything I'm finding seems to require writing my own AppleScript, gets derailed by dense GTD philosophy or is out of date.

Short of learning AppleScript is there any solution for doing this now?


Brian 2011-10-20 05:42 PM

I haven't used Alarms, but in case it's helpful, OmniFocus includes built in Growl support. Looks like they updated their API for the most recent 1.3 release (we'll update OmniFocus to support it) but previous versions should work fine as well.

OmniFocus also includes the ability to *export* information about your deadlines to a file that iCal can read information from as part of the sync process. Check [URL=""]this post[/URL] for more info. Does that work for your purposes?

chrisWhite 2011-10-22 04:06 PM

Thanks Brian,

It's not actually the notifications which I like about alarms, in fact, they drive me nuts. :)

What Alarms does is give you a very fluid timeline for the day's tasks and lets you plan and adjust them all more quickly than any of the more traditional task manager.

iCal sync is quite nice, and I'm using it right now but it only gets me halfway there since, like you said, it's read only.

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