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dmz 2007-08-11 04:03 PM

[QUOTE=dmz;17621]...the current update process within OmniWeb could use streamlining too; it's one of the few apps I use that still doesn't update itself, but directs you to a download site for updates... but I wasn't suggesting that Omni needs to implement a "download and install update" tool, I'm just curious as to whether anybody else has - a la CaminoKnight, as mentioned previously. I guess the answer to that question is "no".[/QUOTE]

To my very pleasant surprise, today OmniWeb 5.6sp5 decided to present a window that caused it to update itself to the latest build automatically. Excellent! :) Big thanks to the Omni folks!

Smithcraft 2007-08-11 06:20 PM

Hmmm, the SP page shows no files available!


troyb 2007-08-11 07:20 PM

[QUOTE=Smithcraft;19149]Hmmm, the SP page shows no files available!

Not sure what's going on here but I'll try to find out.

troyb 2007-08-11 11:37 PM

Should be back up now! (thanks Ken)

Smithcraft 2007-08-12 07:31 AM

Looks good now!

Also, I'm glad that the [B]About OmniWeb[/B] window displays the version number without having to click on the version number.


revs 2007-08-13 01:04 PM

ohh I like the new built-in update mechanism!

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