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sandringham 2008-10-15 10:36 AM

Changing Color
I was fooling around - experimenting - with the font color on OmniFocus. I easily changed the color to lime green which is very hard to read. Now I can't change it back to black which was much better. I should have left well enough alone. I tried the instructions in help which basically say to make use of "Clear Style". Any other suggestions?

Brian 2008-10-15 02:08 PM

We've done some work for OmniFocus 1.1 (coming out of sneakypeek soon) that makes stuff like this easier to fix, but my guess is that you're using OmniFocus 1.0.3.

If that's the case, I'd attach the following file to an email to the support ninjas:
<your home folder>/Library/Preferences/com.omnigroup.omnifocus.plist

If you are using OmniFocus 1.1, just open up the Style pane of preferences and hit the Reset button in the lower left corner.

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