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SunByrne 2008-10-09 01:03 PM

Sync via applescript brings up iCal dialog
Every time I shut things down at the end of the day to go home, I have an Applescript which syncs then quits OmniFocus. However, now every time I get an error message about needing to go to the prefs to set up iCal. I'm not trying to sync iCal, I'm just trying to a regular MobileMe sync of the data.

There is a separate command for iCal syncing, and I'm not using it--so why is it giving me grief about iCal?

(This has been going on for about a week--I always update to the latest build when it prompts me.)


whpalmer4 2008-10-09 03:11 PM

Can we see your script? Maybe there's a bug in the script, or maybe the fix to get ical_synchronize to work has some flaws. Either way, it'd probably be easier to track down if we can see what you use to cause it. My attempts to reproduce the problem with the following script were unsuccessful. It just did a regular sync (not iCal) and quit.

tell application "omnifocus"
end tell

What are you trying to accomplish with the script? I know that OmniFocus will now do a sync automatically if you have unsynced changes when you do the quit command.

Lizard 2008-10-09 06:41 PM

I'm not sure whether we fixed the ical_synchronize bug by changing the code for synchronize or ical_synchronize. If your script is compiled, you may need to re-open it, make sure it still says 'synchronize', and then recompile it.

SunByrne 2008-10-13 07:23 AM

That was it, the script just needed a re-compile. Thanks!

tbbe 2009-01-12 11:03 PM

sync with ical then
So in order to sync with iCal, you could run??:

[CODE]tell application "omnifocus"
end tell[/CODE]

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