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kingsinger 2009-02-20 08:13 AM

Sharemation webdav sync error (507)
So everything was working good for me sycing two macs and an iPod Touch. Then I started getting this error.

The [url][/url] server returned “server error” (507) in response to a request to “PUT /xxx/yyy/OmniFocus.ofocus/20090220171401=lqXqkLuU3N1.client-write-in-progress-ktTFGPJU-W4”

Any thoughts on this?

I've tried turning the existing .ofocus file into old and starting from scratch. No go on that.

Brian 2009-02-23 07:36 AM

According to this [URL=""]list of http error codes[/URL] 507 indicates that the server in question is out of storage space. (Maybe their hard drive filled up, or you've filled up your WebDAV space with other files?)

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