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richrem 2009-04-13 07:14 PM

export as GIF or PNG more than doubles size of object
I just purchased OG 5.1.1 and am having trouble exporting simple images as PNG & GIF for web use. I created a simple rectangle, no stroke for border, filled with a light grey and text on top. I set the size of the object to be an exact pixel size, changed the canvas size settings to use pixels and mapped 1 pt = 1 px. When I export the single object on the canvas that is sized at 128 x 16 pixels, it comes out as 266 x 33 pixels. This happens for both GIF and PNG. I have unchecked the "add margin" bit, but I can't get the exported image to match the size of the object on the canvas. I even changed the canvas size to be the same size as the object - same result.

I'm sure there is a setting somewhere that I've overlooked, but if I can't find it in about an hour, then there is a user interface issue IMHO. This should be simple stuff!

Thanks for any help out there!

Brian 2009-04-14 12:13 PM

In the export panel, what number has been entered into the "Bitmap resolution:" field?

Most monitors are either 72 or 96 dots per inch (IIRC) - if some higher number has been entered into that field, that's what's causing the image to look bigger on screen than you wanted. Since printers are 300 DPI or more, you often need to crank that number up in order to get an exported image that looks good when you print it out.

Alternatively, has something other than 100% been entered into the Scale field of the export panel?

richrem 2009-04-14 09:47 PM

good call!
The bitmap resolution was set at 150 for the JPG export. I don't remember changing that value, so it could be the default. The GIF export does not expose this setting, but once I changed it to 72 under the JPG selection, both exports now correctly produce the original size.

I had played with the scale, but I knew that wasn't the right approach, so left it set at 100%.

Thanks for the pointer to look at that setting!


Brian 2009-04-15 12:22 PM

I quit OmniGraffle, nuked my prefs, and restarted the app - looks like we default to 72 DPI. The GIF exporter definitely shouldn't be respecting that setting, though; writing that up as a bug. Thanks!

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