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TommyW 2006-04-29 02:09 AM

Clearing History problem with SP7
Okay. A strange one this...

I have "Clear History when quitting OmniWeb" selected in my prefs.

So...after I quit OW and then relaunch it:
The History menu has nothing in it except the windows of the workspace just opened. As you would expect.

But...The Back Arrow in the toolbar has all the history for at least the past 12 hours in it. If I click on it I can page back through the pages i've visited or hold down on it, I will see the long drop down menu.

TommyW 2006-04-29 02:11 AM

Just in the interest of some attempt at being thorough...

The history subsection of the Bookmarks window has the history in it too... It's a much shorter list though. But still includes elements from before I quit the previous time.

TommyW 2006-04-29 02:15 AM

You know I really should think before I type...

Anyway, if I clear history from the menubar, everything works as you would expect.

So I guess all I'm saying is: The 'discard history' option in prefs ain't working.

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